As an organization, we don’t expect anyone to be left hungry or destitute. whether due to illness, job loss, disability, family breakdown, a situation that no one is immune against. This is what we have noticed is notably widespread in Ibadan, Nigeria, the ancient and largest city in Africa. We have taken it upon ourselves to establish a network of food banks to provide provides the best possible emergency food to people locked into poverty, a situation which has been made "Terribly worst and dire" during the COVID-19 pandemic. But we cannot do it alone, this is why we are reaching out to good and kind-hearted people like you to help raise the needed fund to start this project aiming to provide foodstuffs to about then thousand people including families with children and widows. NOTICE: Donors who wish to donate more than £1000.00 (=N=474.000.00 or $1240.00) should please use the Offline Donations gateway to mail checks instead. Thank you so much for your generous donation and kindness. God bless.

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