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Being BenevolentGiver is a noble objective because your giving to other is an expression of your human nature, it is only throug an act of kindness that one parts away from ones pocessions in order to benefit another. Whatever you give, however little it might seem, will possitively impact somone else’s life and they would be forever grateful for your Benevolent-Giving act.

BenevolentGiver is the best place to fund-raise for all sorts of goals, whether as an individual, group of people or organization. You can start a small project fund-raise, spread the news far and wide using the power of social media, and it grows bigger than you can ever anticipate.

The answer is simple, “anything”. As long as the intention or objective is to help a good cause such as personal, loved one, friends or relatives and so on… such moments can include helping to raise much needed fund to pay a medical bill, education, aspirations, funerals & memorials, animal and wildlife or a community projects like building a borehole, food and agricultural cooperative projects etc.

There are Five easy steps to start your fundraiser with BenevolentGiver.

  1. Click on “Start a Fundraiser”
  2. Register by filling in your details on the Registration form.

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Other Questions

Yes. We make no compromises when it comes to the technology, software, and infrastructure that we use. We utilize the best in internet connectivity. Our network features include firewalls, advanced VPN communications, virus prevention/ cure, spam filers and URL filtering.

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We are here to help and support you throughout your fundraising journey with BenevolentGiver